A tailor-made approach

My approach for each coaching session depends on your unique goals and issues. I'll help you reach your goal based on your values and preferences.

You can choose from different options, dependent on your question.


Plan 1: Clarity

1 scan or plan session

  • How do you keep your work fascinating and life enjoyable?
  • We scan which area in your life can use a boost, and whether coaching would be of help
  • Do you already have a clear yet unsuccessfully targeted goal that you want to reach? Increase your chances with this coaching session

Plan 2: Alteration

Coaching program

  • When you experience a recurring issue, you may deal with it the usual way, but that may not solve the underlying theme. In this program, you invest in yourself by exploring new approaches and opportunities together. This will reveal possibilities for a sustainable solution. At the start we'll discuss what you want to achieve and whether we'll continue the process together.
  • During the coaching program, I provide a firm structure and focus on your goals. I ask questions, work with models and sometimes give you a bit of homework. The new insights, perspectives, and tools that you gain will gradually reduce and solve your problems so that they won't bother you again.
  • This program usually takes around 6-7 sessions of 1,5 hours. You determine the time between each session.

Plan 3: Consolidation

Sustainable mental maintenance

  • When you've finished your coaching program and know how you can function best to be effective and happy, there's always a risk that old ways of thinking and habits regain more influence on your life. At that point, it is good to resurface your gained insights and the path to achieve your goals.
  • When you're feeling well but don't know how to deal with a new problem, this plan allows you to have a good talk with me.
  • When you need an understanding person to hold a mirror up to yourself, I am there for you as independent coach.
  • You determine the best time for you for this mental maintenance.
  • You can use a punch card for 7.5, 15 or 30 hours for this plan.


All sessions take place in our office in Hilversum, Utrecht or Naarden, or another place on request. Normally during office hours, in exceptional cases in the evening or weekend.


Billing essentially follows after each session. For plan 2, the Coaching Program, you can choose a quote per session or per 7 sessions (with discount). Plan 3, Sustainable mental maintenance, has a quote when the punch card is delivered. I offer competitive rates, available on request.