For whom?

Is De Ronde Hoek for you?

De Ronde Hoek is for everyone, because everyone is troubled sometimes. Often the problem disappears, or you find a good solution yourself. But if the problem remains, I would like to facilitate to give you a better feeling and lead you to a more productive situation.

Stress or a (near-) burnout? More fun at work or a better work-life balance? Better protect your boundaries or personal growth? Reach out to me without commitment.

What do you want?

Benefits of De Ronde Hoek:

  • Deal better with challenging/irritating situations or behavior
  • Deal better with emotions and insecurities
  • Make decisions more easily
  • Stand up for yourself and protect your boundaries more easily
  • Experience more joy and energy
  • Communicate more effectively
  • More rapidly recover from or avoid a burnout
  • Letting go of work or people more easily
  • Find a new meaningful existence
  • Deal better with expectations from family or others

De Ronde Hoek

More benefits

Renewed insights

People who have been coached at De Ronde Hoek feel enriched with renewed insights about themselves or people around them. This makes it easier to deal with issues, either professional or private.


Worrying less

Depending on the reason, coaching can lead to less worrying and more energy to enjoy and achieve your desired goals.


Independent choices

Through ideas and handles obtained, you can make your own choices with a fresh perspective, aligned to your own (rediscovered) values. This will feel great.


A more effective daily life

By creating order and tranquility, putting priorities or communicating in a different way, less energy will be lost to ineffective behavior. Also for energy consuming private matters a coaching session with me can be of great relief.


A better use of your talents

Coaching helps to make better use of your talents and become more satisfied. It also contributes to a smaller chance of getting a burnout.


Do you, your colleagues or your family deserve more effectivity and happiness? I will gladly commit myself.