What is De Ronde Hoek?

Coaching for more effectivity and happiness

De Ronde Hoek is the name of my coaching center. The "Hoek" (corner) is a metaphor for the moment you have a choice to continue on the same path, or take a new route. But it also stands for a change of view that coaching can give you. And our process rounds ("Ronde" means round) the sharp edges of life! De Ronde Hoek zorgt dat de scherpe kantjes van het leven afgerond worden.

De Ronde Hoek De Ronde Hoek is there for individuals and people in business.


My mission

Mental coaching as a normal service and healthy food for the mind


About me

Who am I?

I am Karin van Charldorp (1960), certified coach and previously a promoted pharmacist. After 25 years of leading project teams to create, register and market new medicines, I now work as an independent life coach. I really enjoy to help people become more effective and happy.


I am naturally driven target-focused. I like to think in solutions, which was a common theme in my studies, doctorate, and professional career. This certainly does come in handy for my coaching sessions - which my coachees also indicate .


Before I make a decision, I carefully map the situation, weigh the pros and cons and indicate any risks. I value analysis and understanding, and I have a lot of experience in organizing information. Thereby I naturally structure which is helpful in our complicated mental processes.


I want to stand out and offer the highest quality. I always prepared thoroughly for important exams and presentations - and continue to do so for our coaching sessions.


I am naturally quiet and self-controlled. In times of stress I stay calm and keep an overview of the situation. I'm a patient listener and ask the right questions to give you the opportunity to define your best path forward. 

During my career, I had the privilege to be able to visit an independent coach when needed some help, despite my analytical qualities. For example when I was doing other people's work and became angry and tired. After a coaching session, I realized that I was driven by a desire for quality, but doing others work deprived them of the opportunity to learn to deliver quality. This insight helped me to leave work with others. I believe everyone deserves these kind of insights! People that I coach 1 on 1 tell me that they feel at ease with me, and have acquired insights and a structure to become happier and more effective.

Do you also feel anxious at work or at home? Want to figure out what my coaching sessions can do for you? 

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I decided to switch my career path to the one thing that has always fascinated me: mental coaching. I've been successful as a project leader because of the expertise in my team, but also because of my 1-on-1 conversations with team members. We discussed their concerns, which were not only project-focused but also human (feeling unheard, being annoyed at someone's behavior, having problems making decisions, etc.) I liked to achieve project goals, but I loved being able to make people feel happier at home and at work. This is why I switched my career path to become a professional life-coach and start my own company.